What our early access users said

07 • 04 • 2022
What our early access users said


So my wife can draw, and always wanted to try painting on a canvas, sadly we don't really have room for it right now. Got this app and she loves it, and she makes amazing pieces, and even I who never really cared for making art, got sucked into it. It's amazing.

(by Axel1100)


"Once I saw the pictures I knew I had to have it! The game is amazing, has a bunch of mediums( little to big brushes, markers, spray paint, etc) a sponge and bucket to wash your brushes makes painting cleaner and neater than Reality. The simple environment and tools available allow me to focus and relax. So glad I got this app I don’t think I’ll be using any other. The developers really listen to reviews and make this app has a simple goal, to paint! I love it!"

(by Vikkixd)


"I'm a digital painter and my mom is a traditional painter. I've always loved digital painting because I hate how expensive paint can sometimes be, you need more space, you need to wash your stuff, be in a ventilated space, etc. But I do love the feeling of traditional media, it's relaxing and for my mom, that's what digital art lacks. I made her try tilt brush, she found it fun but nothing more than playing just a couple of times, I don't use tilt brush that much either, I prefer quill but I mean I've spent more time on tilt brush than my mom did. But THIS IS REALLY THE MEDIUM POINT, it's unreal how easy and accurate is to draw on a canvas with this, without needing too much physical space, without staining anything, I'm really impressed! I don't know... if headsets weren't so heavy this would probably replace my Cintiq (I mean probably not because I love my Cintiq but I just want to point out how good this app is) MY MOM LOVES IT! She is demanding a Quest 2 for herself lol I mean it is more portable than a graphic tablet, and you have a whole studio, I'm so excited haha"

(by Manucmm)


"I work in renovations and construction and do a lot of interior work such as trim and painting , i was looking for an app to paint inside houses and i came across this and now I’m so into painting pictures , I’m still looking for an app to do what i do at work long story short this game is just awesome and you can get very creative!!"

(by Arod3354)

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